In AZALE we are funding eEe (energy engineered elements) R&D, where each product our customers buying contributing in the creation of more solutions to minimise the eSmog and EMFs radiations effects on our environment.

With nowadays rabid technological evolution, we are interacting with more electronic devices everyday to ease our daily activities inside and outside our environment.

So it's necessary to create a solution which will balance this equation and minimise the effects of eSmog and EMFs on our lives and future generations. Our Architects, engineers and researchers at eEe R&D they work carefully on each product to ensure achieving these qualities in each element they are creating.

We found ourselves in AZALE, knocking on the back door of each life we care about through providing our unique masterpieces, which will not add only values to the living spaces but also the environment and our well-being.


What is eSmog?

Electromagnetic fields which emitted from all sorts of electrical appliances, wiring, mobile phones and satellite-based communications, for example described as 'eSmog'.

These fields create a blanket effect around us which, if visible, would look with fog over almost everything, with particularly dense patches hovering around the sources such as wires, cordless phone bases, Wi-Fi routers, mobile phones and laptops.

Electro-sensitive people have been aware of the impact of eSmog for some time often experiencing a wide range of unpleasant symptoms when exposed to these electromagnetic fields with some being so sensitive that they can instantly tell whether a device is switched on or off.

Perhaps more worryingly, a much larger group are being equally badly affected by the eSmog but accept their symptoms of headaches, pins, needles, numbness, fatigue and irritability as normal condition.

Each piece produces with a unique identification card and unique serial number to protect the authenticity of its identity.